About us

AlNada Mills

Al nada mills is one of the leading companies in grains grinding in the Egyptian market.
Alnada mills are one of Almonairy Group's companies.
AlNada mills were founded in 1998 with a production capacity of 120 tons/day.
An expansion in production capacity up to 160 tons/day was ensured by the operation of the second milling line in 2013 and increased to 350 tons/day using the last updated technology in the field of grain milling.
The company is specialized and expert in producing 72% extraction wheat flour used for various types of products and foods such as bread, biscuits, pastries, and pasta.
Al nada mills also produce hard wheat bran used in fodder for cattle as well as soft wheat bran used for certain types of bread and bakeries.
Al Nada mills follow the global quality standards due to the belief in the importance of healthy food.
With the awareness that reliable food production is possible through production according to globally recognized standards, we are training ourselves and continuously developing in order to offer healthy, high-quality products to both local and global markets.
Accordingly, we are always working on continuous developments in all directions.

Mission: To supply the best materials to both national and global markets by using the most updated technology in the grinding industry through the best calibers and applying regular training.

Our vision: Use all our facilities to enrich both local and global markets with our high-quality products.